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#8. Gregory T. Angelo (Log Cabin Republican) - Someone with my opposite political beliefs who has held public office


Gregory T Angelo


It would not be unusual to find Gregory T. Angelo at a Kiwanis club in Missouri standing in front of a room full of people who think he is an abomination of the Lord.

Or maybe at a church in Mississippi shaking hands with people whose fathers and grandfathers would have shunned him or worse. Or making good with people who simply, have never met “one of those gays” before.

Greg’s willing to let them gawk. He tells them though our Constitution is informed by Christian principles, the Bible does not govern us. He sits through question-and-answer sessions. He listens to opinions. He doesn’t judge and he doesn’t condescend. He brings along other members of the LGBTQ community. He brings evangelical parents, like For the Bible Tells Me So’s Mary Lou Wallner whose lesbian daughter committed suicide after Mary Lou and her husband didn’t accept her. She speaks about the importance of acceptance, often telling groups: “It’s better to be kind than to be right.”

“Everything that they’ve seen and heard and read in the media hasn’t given them a good impression or even a realistic impression of what an average gay citizen of the United States is like,” he says. “[It’s] to really show these individuals that gay people are just like you and I. They’re trying to live just like you are, just trying to get by. They’d like to have a family. They’d like to be recognized with the same equal rights and protections that heterosexual couples have under the law and that everyone should have under the law.”

Gregory T. Angelo does all this because he is a gay Republican. To some people, that may as well read: “Gregory T. Angelo is a Jew supporting Hitler” or “Gregory T. Angelo is the Easter Bunny.”

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