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DrinkSavvy: Drug Rape Prevention Cups/Straws (IndieGoGo)

So check this out:

This is a project to mass produce straws, cups, and, eventually, glassware that can detect rape drugs when put into someone’s drink.

Yeah, you read that right. Pretty fucking awesome, right?

The project’s ultimate goal is to make this standard in bars and clubs everywhere, but they’re starting out by distributing it individually. For just a $15 donation, you can a either choose a pack of 100 straws or a pack of 50 cups (free shipping in the US). That means if you go out to a bar, and you use the straws/cups yourself, and someone slips something in your drink, you will know instantly. That’s pretty motherfucking badass.

So if you’ve got some extra money burning a hole in your pocket, you should consider supporting this project, because it’s pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

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